Christmas Energy

So I’m Orthodox which means that we celebrate 3 days of Christmas – 25,26,27th December.

Yesterday was a very fun day. We had a chance to get out of the blah city environment and go to one of my favorite places in this country – Cheile Bizazului (the featured photo is a pic I took once we got there) It’s like a rock, uncovered tunnel – that’s the best description I can provide and, this time of year, it’s especially beautiful.

The biggest reason I love this place is because I have a ton of memories attached to that place. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was 5 years old and someone told me to get dressed and go to the car. It was my birthday. I asked her where are we going and she said it was a surprise. During the entire trip I kept asking people where were we heading and either of them kept quiet. The drive up to that place it’s beautiful on it’s own but once we were arriving – my jaw kept dropping. The way the rocks emerge from the forest is absolutely incredible. I remember getting out of the car and just starring in amazement at how big everything was. I started crying and that woman asked me what was wrong and the only thing I could say was – “it’s so beautiful”.

Ever since we kept going back every year – be it summer or winter . Now, that I have my own child, I woke up yesterday and kind of felt that it was time to go there. It’s pretty hard to explain, but it’s like that place is calling for me. Sound stupid and corny but that’s how I feel. Even if my child is just 5 months old – when we got there her reaction was priceless. She didn’t cry but she starred exactly like I did 22 years ago and then slowly started smiling. Like mother, like daughter.

That place will always have a special hold on my heart and it’s funny how – even having been there hundreds of times – it still energizes me like the very first time.


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