So it’s…

Christmas Eve! Yaaaaaaayyyyy!!! My baby’s first Christmas Eve! Even though she won’t remember it, I know I will and 30 years from now I’ll have stories to tell over and over again at family gatherings!

Funny things happened today. I was at the store with my baby in the baby carrier and she was not happy. I mean like totally mad about God knows what and she threw and epic, Oscar award worthy tantrum at just 5 months!!!!! I’m not even joking! She was not having it today. And here I was, trying to keep calm, breathe slowly so she wouldn’t sense my stress, humming her favorite lullaby, talking to her….I mean pretty much doing all I could to calm her down while trying to move as fast as I could and get the hell out of that store. It would have been better if it wouldn’t have been packed, but – being Christmas Eve – the place was full of people trying to get last-minute shopping done.

And I got a lot of angry looks from people and I swear I could hear an airy “Gosh…” coming out of a woman’s mouth, people rolling their eyes at me etc. As I got to the diaper aisle, a gentleman approached me also holding a small boy and told me – “Keep calm, you’re doing great!” – and just left. I remained stunned for a minute! I couldn’t believe it! He knew exactly what I needed at that moment.

So, even though you are not going to be reading this, I just want to say  a big, fat THANK YOU! Thank you , sir for being an empathetic human being! Thank you for saying something positive! Thank you for giving me a split second of validation in a moment when I felt like I was a horrible mom! I wish one day someone will do for you what you did for me! Even if it was just a small thing, in a moment like that, a mother/father doesn’t need judgement or to feel more embarrassed. All we need is a little support and that goes a long way.

As a single mom with all the help anyone could get, I have to say it’s not easy. It’s a beautiful journey and today my faith in human kind was restored by just one little sentence spoken at the right time.

Being human is beautiful and you – my good sir – are a beautiful human being!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Make it a good one to tell!


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