Finally 2019!!!

Ok…so I’m beyond excited for this new beginning!!!

Have you ever gotten that gut feeling that you know and Know and KNOW that things are moving in he right direction? Well that’s how I feel now and it’s fan-fucking-tastic!

Last night was great! We gathered at the yoga studio and had a great party – each of us with their family. The kids were supervised by professionals so us adults can unwind and have a good time. We hired a live band and they played great music. Overall, it was a great night!

At midnight, I held my daughter tight and, as always, made a wish. I’ll not tell you the wish lol because I really want it to come true. There is something that happens to me at midnight between years that I’ll never understand. I feel a love like no other and this year was even more special because I was now holding my baby girl. Last years she was a tinny tiny thing inside my belly and this year I hold her in my arms. It’s overwhelming!

I make the exact same wish every year, bu for some reason this year I really feel it in my gut that it will come true!

Happy New Year everybody! Make it the best yet!

P.S. This is the makeup look and hair style I wore. Special thanks for my lovely makeup artist – Liana R – and a big, fat hug to my stylist – Erico Rey. When I’ll get the pictures with the outfit, I’ll post it here too.Realizat cu Lumia Selfie


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