It’s just that – raw emotion…

I used to think that love is just this feeling you get once in a while when things are good, nice and easy. In the back of my mind, I always knew it was more than that, but I let inside and outside influences convince me otherwise. Then again, before I was in love with the idea of love and not the actual person.

Now, I find myself…overwhelmed. When you know down to the marrow that you have that right person, when every cell in your body screams that person’s name, when every second that you spend with your one makes you want to stay just a little longer and even that is not enough, when it hits you so hard it hurts but it’s a pain you crave, when you’re willing to fight and push through everything just to be with your one, when you would do anything and be anything that person needs you to be no questions asked – that’s the raw core of love and it’s intense.

When you truly have found “The One”, don’t expect it to be like a red carpet event or what you see in movies. It’s nothing glamorous, nor it should be. It’s that one person you face as your true self because all your walls just naturally fall. Facing someone in our bare state is the scariest thing, but somehow with him/her it’s easy. You feel safe and protected.

It’s not easy to explain it…This is just my take on it from what I am experiencing right now. I never really thought I would ever have this in my life. I sort of felt that it’s just an urban myth…until one day when I just knew.

I’m all for finding a rational explanation for pretty much everything. This doesn’t have one. All I know is that I’m lucky and humbled by it…who would have known?

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