Another Fabulous Day

Today I’m writing to you from one of my favorite places in the world – Hamak. It’s located very close to the city where I live and it’s my little piece of heaven.

Whenever I want to find peace and quiet and great people – I come here. Food is great, the view is fantastic and combine this with having great friends and a great family – I could easily say that I am in heaven.

Thank you God for the people in my life! They are truly a blessing and I could never see myself without any of them. For the first time in what seems to be an eternity, I truly feel good about where my life is headed. Some decisions that seemed to be bad, turned out to be great in the end. I do have regrets like everyone – my previous relationship for example. That was a big mistake! Don’t regret knowing him, but regret the relationship itself – it nearly destroyed me, probably both of us, but it gave me the strength to move on and go after exactly what I want. I regret webcaming – bad decision but it turned out to be a great life lesson. Staying in a dead end relationship for 8 years – huuuugggeee mistake, but I have a daughter now so it was well worth it.

Writing this down and re-reading it gives me a whole new perspective. Bad decisions are only bad if the outcome is a worse version of ourselves. I am a better person because of the stupid mistakes I’ve made in my past. So here’s to mistakes and the lessons we learn from them! As for what life has in store – bring it on!


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