Road Trip 3

So yesterday we went on the last road trip of the year and it was a dream. We decided to go north, back to my “home land” and see what’s poppin’.

That place never disappointed me for one second. Even though it’s a lot colder than here, the view is incredible. I’m a mountain girl and always will be one. If I were to choose between laying the sun on a golden beach and get close to the could bank and watch the view from the top – it will be the second option all the way.

These 3 road trips I took these past few days were exactly what I needed. It kept my mind off things that have been going on and it gave me a whole new sense of perspective on life. I would recommend it to anyone – when feeling like your world is being pulled from underneath you or it’s crumbling down, just jump in a car and go to the nearest place with an incredible view. Your realities will shift instantly. Whatever got you to that state will still be there, but you will look at it with different eyes and that changes everything.

It worked for me and countless other people. Plus a different perspective always means a different outcome. Someone once said something along the lines – “if you want a different result stop doing the same thing”. Well here it goes I guess.


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