Finally over…

I won’t get into religion because it is a very sensitive topic for many people. In Orthodox faith, the Baptism involves a series of rituals. One of them is – the Godparents have to give the baby the first bath after the ceremony on the third day. Today was THAT day!

Knowing that I was expecting guests, I spent all day stressing over it. I begin each day on skype with my boyfriend and, after I had my coffee and still talking with him, I started peeling and cutting apples for 2 apple pies. After I let the apples marinate in honey and cinnamon, me and my boyfriend switched to whatsapp and I went a little crazy on shopping for the BIG evening. After that, I started a cooking like crazy while still talking to my boyfriend on skype. Thank God he talks a lot because I couldn’t focus on uttering sentences. I could only listen.

So my day was pretty hectic and tied to the kitchen – 2 apple pies, pork stake with white, dry wine and chilly and soft potatoes with butter and cheese dressing. After slaving in the kitchen all day, I had to set the table, keep my kid as calm as possible since today was that one day when she wanted her mommy all the time with her and try to look semi-decent and not like I’ve been stressing all day. Yeah right!

My daughter has a set schedule. God forbid something happens and she has to briefly adapt to a new one. That’s not going to happen and, most importantly, everyone in the damn building hears it loud and clear. So the bathing part was a total nightmare. She screamed till she turned purple. Good things was that she fell asleep right away after that.

The dinner itself went perfectly well so my stress was all for nothing, but – according to my boyfriend – I wouldn’t be me if I don’t stress.

So here I am, exhausted and trying to keep my eyes open as I type. A good evening spent with friends and…I’m so glad this is over!


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